Thanks everyone for all the good information.

Here's what I've learned:

1.  Framemaker 7.0:  Classroom in a Book is an excellent resource,
regardless of what the reviews on Amazon says.

2.  O'Keefe's book, Publishing Fundamentals: Framemaker 7.0
(previously known as Framemaker 7.0: The Complete Reference) is also
an excellent resource.  It's available through as
a PDF, and there are plans in the works to publish an upated version
for Framemaker 8.0.

3.  Scriptorium publishes a number of books about Framemaker, and they
offer training courses also.

(All of this is for posterity -- for someone searching the archives --
hope it help!)

Thanks everyone for your information and advice.  I like Art's
especially -- read it all and every nugget puts you ahead!


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