Hi Deirdre:

No one's mentioned this yet, so I'll add for all the single-sourcing 
people out there that FrameMaker is wonderful for writing things once and 
using it many times. Whether you're using conditional text and variables 
so that some stuff only shows up in certain flavours of manuals, or text 
insets so that a piece of text can be used by different manuals, or 
generating HTML and PDF from the same FrameMaker document, it's all called 
single-sourcing and it saves a lot of time and effort.

Then there's the whole structured and XML side of FrameMaker, which can 
also be a huge timesaver. In a nutshell, it automates a lot of the tedious 
formatting tasks for you. Round-tripping to XML also means that people who 
don't have FrameMaker can still work on the documents. Also, you can 
develop scripts to produce the XML that is subsequently opened in 
FrameMaker where the formatting is automatically applied.

All this intro is to say that I'm using FrameMaker on software manuals, 
but some of the contents are generated from programming code as XML files, 
and some of the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are working in XML. I'm 
producing HTML for Eclipse help and PDFs. We have eight product lines, so 
I'm re-using a lot of the material for two or more products, and I can 
manage all this as a lone writer working 3/4 time because of FrameMaker 
and its add-ons.

Fei Min

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Framemaker Uses

Just out of curiosity, what kinds of documents are people producing in

Our department produces aeronautial documents, such as Component
Maintenance Manuals, Aircraft Maintenance Manuals, Wiring Diagram
Manuals, and Illustrated Parts Catalogs.

Do people produce books and magazines with Framemaker?  Is Stephen
King writing his next masterpiece on Framemaker?  Does Anna Wintour
use Framemaker to kick the next issue of Vogue to the curb? Are there
websites that have been created in a Framemaker environment?

I'm curious to know how widely used this product is and for what 



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