>Just out of curiosity, what kinds of documents are people producing in

Besides research papers, meeting minutes, etc., I wrote a logic 
textbook in FM3 and 4 and a more advanced research monograph in FM7. 
Lots of numbered examples, xrefs to them, fair number of line 
diagrams, and in the latter case (unfortunately) lots of footnotes. 
In doing the textbook I switched from a then-unstable word processor 
with an idiosyncratic xref add-on, but decent footnotes and 
search/replace to die for, namely, Nisus, and what a godsend FM's 
stable anchored frames and xref capacities were. And what a nightmare 
its incorrectly programmed footnote procedures have been ever since. 
I honestly think FM would own the academic market by now if its 
owners had ever put the effort into fixing the footnotes.

Graeme Forbes

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