Deirdre Reagan wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, what kinds of documents are people producing in
> Framemaker?
> Our department produces aeronautial documents, such as Component
> Maintenance Manuals, Aircraft Maintenance Manuals, Wiring Diagram
> Manuals, and Illustrated Parts Catalogs.
> Do people produce books and magazines with Framemaker?  Is Stephen
> King writing his next masterpiece on Framemaker?  Does Anna Wintour
> use Framemaker to kick the next issue of Vogue to the curb? Are there
> websites that have been created in a Framemaker environment?
> I'm curious to know how widely used this product is and for what applications.
> Thanks!
> Deirdre
> _______________________________________________

I can't speak for Tabitha's husband, but mine wrote at least a dozen 
novels in Framemaker. In fact, I learned it so I could go in behind him 
and do clean up on his books before he sent them to his agent.

Eva Whitley

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