If I were you, I'd put this on "hold" for a few days and wait until
the update is posted to the FM support download  site, and then try it

It sounds as if something may have gotten munged during the
download... possible that the installer itself is corrupted. So I'd
also delete the file that automatic download brought in.

You may want to see if Control Panel > Add/Update Programs lists the
update. I don't have an 8 install handy so I can't check it.


On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Linda G. Gallagher
<lindag at techcomplus.com> wrote:
> In case anyone is interested, I've tried and retried everything everyone has
> suggested (thank you!), but I still cannot get the update to run. I even
> grabbed the file locally and tried to run it. I've tried after a reboot and
> after a complete shutdown and opening only Acrobat or Captivate to try the
> update after the system comes back up. Still no dice.
> Every single time, the error message comes up that FM is running, and a
> poorly worded message with confusing buttons it is. Every single time, no
> matter what I do, I can't get the update.
> And yet, when I first installed the suite, I was able to get all the
> available updates with no problem.
> Are we having fun yet? =:o
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> Further to my previous mail, I have just 'permitted' yet another
> installation of Adobe Bridge 1.0.3, then checked what version of Bridge
> actually is installed.
> It's
> Automatic updaters are great when they work. Apple's is first-rate.
> --
> Steve
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