If you look at the headers on these messages, you'll see many lines
that include clues such as:

Precedence: list
List-Id: "An email list for FrameMaker discussions."

The email client can look for the clues too, and based on the presence
or absence of them, can provide another option. It's just up to the
coder who does the client to implement...


On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 1:36 PM,  <Syed.Hosain at> wrote:
>> Paul Findon wrote (in part):
>> > Hedley is not asking for a "reply-to-all." What he, I and, no doubt,
>> > others want is "reply-to-list." In other words, when you click your
>> > Reply button, by default, messages are addressed to the list.
> Terrible approach!! The e-mail client world has been relying on "Reply"
> only going to the sender for a long, long time! Changing this behavior
> is likely to be far more prone to error, IMHO.
> And, FWIW, there is no "Reply-to-list" in my e-mail clients at all. How
> would Outlook or Thunderbird even know these e-mails were from a "list"?
> Isn't a "list" just like a giant e-mail alias (where people can
> add/remove themselves without needing an alias administrator)?
>> > I've been using lists since 1993 and running several since 1996, and
>> > Framers is the only list I've ever come across that works this way.
> Hmmm ... not my experience. The lists that I am on send this stuff to me
> via e-mail. It is my e-mail client behavior that governs how the
> addressing is done ... nothing to do with the list.
>> > Replying to list messages should be simple - click Reply and the
>> > addressing is done. The current setup is cumbersome and has tripped
>> > many of us up. If someone wants to reply privately, they will
>> > naturally be more careful and double-check the To address.
> Fred Ridder wrote:
>> FWIW, I currently subscribe to 7 or 8 mailing lists (a couple of them
>> basically inactive), and all of them work the same way as Framers.
>> Reply goes just to the poster; Reply All goes to the list and the
>> poster and anyone cc'ed by the poster. It would drive me a little
>> crazy(er) if Framers behaved differently than the other lists.
> Exactly the way I would too!
> E-mail is e-mail. My experience with e-mail client programs: you do a
> Reply, it goes to the Sender, and you do a Reply-All, it goes to
> everybody on that e-mail "To:" and "Cc:" fields.
> The fact that it is a "list" is quite artificial ... consider it a giant
> alias, and the behavior will make sense perhaps.
> I am going to stay out of further discussion on this for now - as long
> as nobody messes with my e-mail client, I don't see the "problem" at
> all. :)
> Z
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