Although I subscribe to "both types" of mail lists, I never noticed 
the difference regarding the presence or absence of the "Reply To:" 
field and the way that my email client responds to its absence or 
presence. Thanks for pointing this out.

At 12:34 PM 5/16/2008, Paul Findon wrote:
>Mailman (the mailing list manager used for Framers), LISTSERV, Yahoo
>Groups, and other mailing list programs allow the list owner to
>specify whether or not message replies are sent to the list (normal,
>IMHO) or sender only. If it's list, the mailing list program
>automatically adds a "Reply-To" field to the headers of messages sent
>out to subscribers that contains the list address, and when they
>click Reply in their e-mail client, the Reply-To address is used. If
>there's no Reply-To field, as is the case with Framers, the e-mail
>client uses the address in the From field.
>If you take a look at the headers of messages from other groups that
>you subscribe to, it's likely that you'll see a Reply-To field. Look
>at the headers of Framers messages, on the hand, and you won't.
>I'm currently on eight lists. Seven of them add a Reply-To field so
>that replies go the list. Framers is the odd one out.

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