Hi Frank,

I wouldn't retype no matter what. Here is what I would try:

* Save as RTF from FrameMaker. Open RTF in Word.

* Save as text from FrameMaker. Open text in Word and reformat.

* Use clipboard to copy/paste from FrameMaker to Word.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Dodd, Frank J wrote:
>>  I have a small set of documents that I wish to convert to Microsoft
>> Word format. They are work instructions with graphics attached - no
>> external links. I have tried the Save as technique and it just locks up
>> Framemaker. 
>> Short of retyping the documents does anybody know of a way to convert
>> them to MS Word. We are not allowed to purchase outside software or
>> plugins to make the process easier. 
>> \God forbid we do something that makes us more efficient. That's
>> sarcasm.
>> Frank
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