What you describe is exactly what is possible in a Table using the
built-in "Table Sheet" variable.

So, if you had a special table format (e.g. "Figure_Table") for the
figure(s) which used a title format to create the figure numbering, and
you included the Table Sheet variable in the title, then you could get
this.  Each successive image would be in an additional row of the same

Unfortunately, you cannot save a table format which includes the
variable (or the table continuation variable) as part of the default
table style, it must be added manually for each instance.  Of course, if
you saved an appropriate copy of the table on a reference  or master
page, you can just copy & paste in onto the body pages as needed.

But, you would NOT get all instances in a Table of Contents, List of
Figures, etc. only the first one.

So maybe it can be done easily, or maybe not without custom programming
(FDK, Frame Script, etc.)

On Tuesday, November 04, 2008 11:31, Deirdre Reagan wrote:

| Ok, I have a FrameMaker question that exists beyond partisan
| boundaries.
| FM 8.0, Windows XP.
| Is it possible to have a command that allows for multiple sheets of
| the same autonumbered Figure number -- i.e., Figure 1 (Sheet 1 of 2),
| Figure 1 (Sheet 2 of 2) -- so that Figure 1 can update to Figure 2 or
| 6 or 100 on all sheets when more figures are added?
| Thanks so much!
| Deirdre

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