Hi all!

FM 8.0, Windows XP.

I'm generating an auto TOC, and it keeps using the format from my
title page, which is different than the format for the rest of the

The title page was the first file in the book, so I moved it down, but
the autoTOC still picked it up.

I imported formats from one of the other files, but it didn't change
the format completely.  While the elements on the master page changed,
the elements on the body page didn't.

Does anyone know how to affect which file the autoTOC uses as a template?


  • TOC Deirdre Reagan
    • TOC Art Campbell
      • TOC Deirdre Reagan
        • TOC Mike Feimster
          • TOC Deirdre Reagan
            • TOC O'Laoghaire Micheal
              • ... Linda G. Gallagher
                • ... O'Laoghaire Micheal
    • TOC Deirdre Reagan
      • TOC McCallister, Michael (GE Healthcare, consultant)
      • TOC Owen, Clint

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