Rename/backup terrible-looking TOC (just in case).

Close FM

Copy the good-looking TOC file to the folder containing terrible-looking

Rename good-looking TOC file so that the filename is IDENTICAL to the
original terrible-looking TOC (not the backup).


Look at regenerated TOC. Breathe easier, delete backup.


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Hi all:

FM 8.0, Windows XP

*beats weary head against the wall*

I have a template that needs to have the TOC autogenerated.

I autogenerate the TOC, and it looks terrible.

I import formats from a TOC that looks good.

Now, my TOC looks good, except it's drawing its cross-references from
that TOC's book.

The page layout is both 1) giving me the format look I want and 2)
bringing in the other cross-references.

I don't really know how to fix this.

Any help would be most appreciated.



  • TOC Deirdre Reagan
    • TOC Art Campbell
      • TOC Deirdre Reagan
        • TOC Mike Feimster
          • TOC Deirdre Reagan
            • TOC O'Laoghaire Micheal
              • ... Linda G. Gallagher
                • ... O'Laoghaire Micheal
    • TOC Deirdre Reagan
      • TOC McCallister, Michael (GE Healthcare, consultant)
      • TOC Owen, Clint
        • TOC Deirdre Reagan

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