Callie Bertsche responded to Art and Rick:
> Thanks to both of you! A v. logical solution. Hmm, my files are so
> nested, sub-optimal for inclusion...I wonder if I can change this with
> an add-on like Timesavers...

As long as you are generating a single PDF for each book (rather than
separate files for each chapter), you only have to ensure that the 
book files are in the same directory (with all the chapter files in the
correct locations relative to their respective book files, of course).
When you're making a single PDF from each book, FrameMaker and
Acrobat only resolve the relative file locations at the book level. It
doesn't matter haw the component files are organized below the 

Inter-book links can get pretty messy. One approach that works well
is to make a duplicate of each book and all its components in a special
"build" directory for the sole purpose of making the PDFs. Once the 
PDFs have been checked, you can scrap the duplicate copies. And 
Bruce Foster's Archive tool makes it relatively painless to collect up
and make duplicates of all the files that comprise each book.

-Fred Ridder

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