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> >> For those of us using English, then, the fix is:
> >>
> >> SmartQuotes=''""  Get rid of this mistake!!
> >> SmartQuotes=\xd4\xd5\xd2\xd3
> >>
> >> That tells Frame to use its *internally-coded* characters,
> >> and those it knows how to map to the real Unicode characters,
> >> because in the MIF we get UTF-8 that is correct for those.
> >
> >Hmmm ... a question. I seem to get the same identical result (on the
screen anyway) with either of the two versions above.
> Did you make the change while Frame was *not* running?

Yes. I stopped Frame each time and re-started it - because I vaguely
remembered that it reads the maker.ini file only on startup. Don't know
if that is right or wrong, but just did it that way.

> If you make it while Frame is running, Frame will wipe it out when it

Good point ...

> >Is there some difference elsewhere that would matter?
> Could be.  I've seen a couple of others post that the default works
for them.  I've checked several times, and it doesn't for me.  Totally

Interesting difference indeed! Is it a font specific issue perhaps? My
testing - albeit very brief - has been with Palatino Linotype only.

> >BTW: I am using the U.S. version 8.0p277, in English only, on a
Windows XP SP3 system.)
> I'm still using 8.0p273, because of the reported issues
> with p277 when it came out (posted on Framers).  Maybe
> they fixed it then...

Perhaps! But, I don't remember seeing it in p273 either. Needless to
say, I am thinking of using the fix as you describe, since it makes it
easier to read in the maker.ini file anyway. :)


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