One possible workflow would be:
FrameMaker-> ePublisher-> Wiki (MoinMoin, MediaWiki, something else?).

Wiki would allow users to add comments, enhance topics as they see fit.
However, I don't think there is a workflow for round-tripping.

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Can anyone recommend technologies to do the following:

*       Hosted documentation, available on the internet as a web

*       Each doc topic allows users to add comments. (e.g. "Here's a
better example to do this task...") 

*       Management tools to moderate user comments, and to handle
documentation updates (retaining the comments). 

*       Authoring tools to produce said documentation. 

The open source community exploits these technologies. How do they do
it? I have an inkling for a solution: FrameMaker>DocBook>ePublisher?

Thanks for your ideas

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