One additional note, MoinMoin wiki can be configured to allow users to
output content as/via/through (not sure of the right terminology)
DocBook.  I haven't explored this yet to see whether that's HTML output
or PDF output (or both).  

This is something I'd like to know more about, as to me it would be
pretty compelling for us to take care of the source->wiki workflow and
let users generate their own PDFs on demand from the wiki, if they so


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Can anyone recommend technologies to do the following:

*       Hosted documentation, available on the internet as a web

*       Each doc topic allows users to add comments. (e.g. "Here's a
better example to do this task...") 

*       Management tools to moderate user comments, and to handle
documentation updates (retaining the comments). 

*       Authoring tools to produce said documentation. 

The open source community exploits these technologies. How do they do
it? I have an inkling for a solution: FrameMaker>DocBook>ePublisher?

Thanks for your ideas

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