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>There is an open-source DITA-to-wiki project under way that 
>claims to be able to round-trip between DITA (hence structured 
>Frame or XML editor) and wiki. See
> http://development.lombardi.com/?p=68
>I have not used it, so cannot comment on its capabilities.

That's very interesting!  Thanks, Roger!

In that case, the OP may want to check out Mif2Go, which
provides top-notch conversion from UNstructured Frame to
DITA 1.1, the current version of the standard.  The free
unlimited demo version, and the docs in many formats 
(including DITA), are available at:

Note that Mif2Go is *way* less expensive than other
possible options for getting to DITA from unstructured
Frame docs.  If you have structured Frame docs that are
already set up for DITA instead, Mif2Go can still help,
but in that case you should also look at DITA-FMx:

Either way, going from DITA to/from wiki sounds like
a very good way to go.  While DocBook is a lot older,
DITA can do everything DocBook can, and much much more.
For a discussion on that point, see:


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