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> Hello All,
> I am new to the Framers group.
> I develop the templates for the tech pubs group at my work. I have
spent a
> lot of time creating and maintaining templates and macros for
> Several of our writers need to upgrade FM. I can't purchase FM7.2.
> would require the writers to upgrade to FM8. I purchased an upgrade to
> and can't figure out how to generate the HTML (or XML) outputs that
> look like what I produced with WebWorks. Since FM8 does not come with
> standard, we would have to purchase a WW seat from Quadralay at great
> expense. This forces us to make a decision on whether to stay with FM
> change to another application.
> Is there a way to import templates and macros from WW?
> Is there a way to define the HTML / XML page layout to include the
> and navigation that WW created?

OK, I've got bad news, worse news, and then better news for you. :-)

Bad: WebWorks Publisher is long dead. You'd have to switch to its
replacement, ePublisher Pro. 

Worse: ePublisher Pro is very different from WWP -- an xml-based
solution with a non-trivial learning curve. Your WWP macro language
skills don't transfer. Old WWP licenses no longer qualify for an upgrade
price. And it costs an arm and a leg. 

Better: If you have to buy new FM licenses anyway, you should seriously
consider the Adobe Technical Communication Suite instead. It includes
versions of FM and RoboHelp that are tightly integrated (or so I'm told;
we're still looking into it here, but are likely to upgrade to the suite

IMHO, YMMV, etc. 


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