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>  Next:  The dilemma.  I am trying to figure out whether FrameMaker
>has the capability of being able to make or handle the issue of font
>transparency.  Yup, being able to view a graphic behind the text in
>front of it...."artsy" stuff.
>  The theoretical is having a graphic and then embedding text over the
>graphic, but being able to "see" through the text.  Am I making any
>sense here?
>  Is there a plug in or technique?  Currently, we use Photoshop
>(another fine Adobe product) to perform this function, but I would
>rather stay within the Framemaker environment.....

Adding to Dov Isaacs' reply:

Using Presentation Assistant (FM-to-Acrobat TimeSavers add-on), 
transparency is supported with rectangles (of different types), circles, 
JPEG images, and -- on a limited basis -- with text strings.
All items are inserted/controlled through hypertext markers. For text items 
(typically one-line strings), you can specify the font, size, color and 
blending mode.

A sample PDF is available at

PDF blending modes are similar to those available in Photoshop (see 

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