FrameMaker doesn't support the Adobe PDF transparency model in any way,
shape, or form. The only way you can do wrt/ transparency is to import
content that has already flattened (in my book, we call that "ruined
transparency") in either PDF or EPS. Specifically making text in
FrameMaker itself (i.e., not imported) anything other than 100% opaque 
is impossible.

If you need artsy live transparency stuff in the content of text in a layout
program itself, you need InDesign.

        - Dov

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>  Okay Fellow Frame Templars.....
>  Live!  From New York! finish the rest....
>  First, the setup:  Windows XP, Frame 8 unstructured
>  Next:  The dilemma.  I am trying to figure out whether FrameMaker
> has the capability of being able to make or handle the issue of font
> transparency.  Yup, being able to view a graphic behind the text in
> front of it...."artsy" stuff.
>  The theoretical is having a graphic and then embedding text over the
> graphic, but being able to "see" through the text.  Am I making any
> sense here?
>  Is there a plug in or technique?  Currently, we use Photoshop
> (another fine Adobe product) to perform this function, but I would
> rather stay within the Framemaker environment.....
>  As usual, assistance is always appreciated.
>  All the best
>  From New York.........yup, and it's live.
>  Eduardo
>  724.494.9213...cell number

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