Thank you for your input Richard, unfortunately, I am completely
dependent on them and their system, when they are changing a file, it is
moved to a pending directory. I have no say in this matter. I am just
doing the best I can with what I have. Any idea why I still have the
problem?  Thank you. 

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Richard Melanson wrote:

> I use the import by reference function as a kind of alerting system.
> Engineering group has a bunch of directories filled with schematic and

> mechanical drawings they convert to jpg or png or pdf. I then import
> reference from these directories into my Frame file to create a
> book. If Engineering is changing a drawing, it is taken out of its 
> original directory and placed into a pending directory waiting for the

> DCO and the new drawing to become available. When Engineering moves
> file, this breaks the import by reference link thus alerting me that
> drawing book needs to be updated.
> Its at this point I run into my problem of not being able to get by
> Missing File window. I have also run into the scenario you state below

> where multiple files have been moved for updating. I get an  updated 
> drawing placed back into its original directory, Frame recognizes the 
> new drawing and moves on to the next missing file and sticks, its as
> the Ignore and Skip functions just don't work.

OK, I see now. 

If multiple missing files are all in the same new location, say
../pending_graphics, then in the FM Missing Files dialog, you only need
to identify the new path once for the first missing file. FM will look
in that same location for the other missing ones, rather than bothering
you again. 

Of course, with your workflow, you'll have to point FM back to the
original location once the changed files are DCOed. A PITA, for sure... 

Personally, I think the workflow leaves a lot to be desired. If a
graphics directory is the repository for files imported into FM by
reference, then those files should never be removed, only replaced by
newer versions with the same name. 

A different alerting system can surely be devised. For instance, if
there is a file xyz_123.png in the ../graphics directory, the appearance
of a file with the same name in the ../pending_graphics directory should
be enough of an alert without the former being removed. If the engineers
can't/won't leave the former where it is pending DCO of the latter, then
perhaps you should use a different directory as the source for the
graphics. Copy all the files in ../graphics to your /docsource_graphics
directory. A script could do that. A script could also look at
../pending_graphics periodically to alert you to upcoming changes. 


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