The only drawback to linking to an external file from within FrameMaker, or
any application for that matter, is that the linked file must remain in the
same relative folder relationship to the source file. Once you deliver the
source document to your customer, typically as a PDF or possibly in an HTML
Help format, you can't guarantee this relationship will be maintained. Once
the relationship is broken the link no longer works.

David Spreadbury
Sr. Technical Writer

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Does this article help?


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> Does anyone know of a way that I can
> "link" or "attach" a pdf or word 
> file to my framemaker file.? The "other" file that I
> would like to link 
> or attach is output that is being created at random, by
> another person. 
> ? I would like to have them output their file to a
> common file location 
> and when I open my framemaker file I want to pull in the
> latest version 
> of their word or *.pdf file.? To make this even more
> challenging is the 
> fact that the document they are creating is a multipage
> document which 
> I dont see how to work with.

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