You select the graphic frame, then press Ctrl+A (Select All), then Graphics
> Group from the FrameMaker menu bar. Now everything is one piece. If you
need to change a callout, you will need to ungroup, edit, then regroup the
entities in the graphic frame.

David Spreadbury
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Subject: "Anchoring" Callout Text to a Figure

OK, noob alert. What is the preferred way of creating text callouts so that
they are anchored to a figure, i.e., if the figure is moved down or up a few
lines, the callouts move with it? 

I import a graphic by reference. I create text in a text frame selected from
the Graphics Toolbar, and position it. I then add a line return above it,
and of course the graphic moves down but the callout stays "floating" in its
original position. 

FM 9 on XP Pro SP3 

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