David Spreadbury wrote:

> Not to beat this horse much further into the ground, but why would I
> a callout to an item in a graphic outside the frame containing the
> Obviously, if I place the callout outside the frame containing the
> illustration, there is not binding of the callouts and the
illustration. If
> I place the callouts inside the graphic frame containing the
illustration I
> can then bind them together as one object, after grouping. Then I
> care what happens outside the graphic frame, everything in the frame
> together.

The OP _did_ preface the question with "noob alert." Someone not
familiar with FM may not realize that FM automatically created an
anchored frame to hold the imported graphic, or the difference between
an anchored frame and a frame simply sitting on the page (especially if
that person works with View > Borders and View > Symbols turned off). 

So, jdeland1, you may want to take a look at the info about anchored
frames in the help/manual. An anchored frame can contain many things --
multiple imported graphics, FM graphics, text lines, text frames. The
anchored frame moves with the pgf in which it's anchored (well, that
depends on its anchoring position...), but all its contents remain in
the relative positions in which you put them.

So you simply need to resize the anchored frame containing the imported
graphic to make room for the callout, and then put the text frame
containing the callout into the anchored frame. 


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