Dear Dependable Framers,
I am having some TimeSaver FM plugin issues. Do not have TimeSaver
User's Guide (inherited doc system that did not have the TS UG); have
requested it but has not yet been sent.

FM 7.2, TimeSavers 4.0, Acrobat 9

I need to use TimeSavers to strip the path portion out of my external
cross-references as I am building multiple books that will sit in the
same directory (I know, I brought this up six months ago and didn't want
to use TimeSavers, but now I want to save some time...). Also, I would
like to use TimeSavers to link to an HTML page in a separate directory

So far, I have:
1. Created cross-refs as normal in FM documents
2. Resolved all cross-refs and have all books/fm files with linking
between them open when building PDF
3. In TimeSavers Settings dialog, have all options toggled off on pages
Bmk Functions, Bmk Extraction, Bmk Style and Bmk Start.
    On Links/General page, have toggled-on "Process TimeSavers
shortcuts" and added "adkrm/" as the "Default path for files referenced
in shortcuts"
   Toggled-on first three toggles uncer the Cross-file links region of
the Links/General page.
4. Marker text that I want to lead to the adkrm/index.html reads: alert
~ FileLink (index.html)
5. Build book by doing File > Save Book As > PDF > and set PDF Job
Options to one mentioning TimeSavers in the PDF Setup for Selected Files

Anyone want to take a stab at what I am missing/haven't thought
of..............? Thanks!
Please feel free to reply specifically to me as well as to the list
since I am on Digest mode.

Callie Bertsche
Tecplot, Inc.

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