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>Thanks all!! Excellent advice and works great!

Thanks to Baruch Brodersen, Richard Combs and Scott Turner!
(who were faster to answer than I was)

-- Indeed, with Acrobat 8.1 or later, Distiller has to be started with the 
-F flag so that it has access to external references (including TimeSavers' 

-- After upgrading to Acrobat 8.1 or later, FM's "Save as PDF" with 
TimeSavers settings requires FrameMaker 8.0p266 or higher (which start 
Distiller with the -F flag).
[notice that the -F flag has the opposite meaning of "do not allow file 
access" in Acrobat versions earlier than 8, so "Save as PDF" with 
TimeSavers settings won't work with FM8/9 and Acrobat 7; printing to PS 
files and distilling should be used instead. One other version-related 
issue: TS version 5.5 is required with FrameMaker 8 or higher]

>So now my hypertext link to a separate directory works great as a
>relative reference!
>But the paths are still not getting stripped from my inter-PDF cross
>references. (I have Remove Path toggled on in the TimeSavers Settings,
>too.) I was hoping to have TimeSavers make inter-manual cross-references
>work so I don't have to put all my final documents in one massive folder
>before I build them. Thoughts, anyone?

Turning on "Remove Path" under Cross-file links (Links/General tab) will 
indeed remove the path from links (created through FM cross-references or 
hypertext markers).

When inspecting the links in Acrobat, be aware that Acrobat always displays 
the current file path, which may be misleading.
For example, if you have two PDFs in the same temp folder, with relative 
links from a.pdf to b.pdf, the target file will be reported in Acrobat's 
Link Properties dialog box as: C:\temp\b.pdf (even though the link only 
points to b.pdf in the current folder)
If you get a different result, please send me a sample .ps file and the 
resulting .pdf as produced on your system (together with Distiller's log file).

[Note: the "Default path for files referenced in shortcuts" is not related 
to the Remove Path function; it only applies to command files executed from 
TimeSavers shortcuts using "distillP"]

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any related question or 
[I separately sent you an invitation to join the frame2acrobat 
discussion/support list].

Shlomo Perets

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