Thanks, Shlomo!
The official word is out, Framers (many of you probably already know
this) - TimeSavers just saved me tons of time by deleting all my
relative paths of FM books in different directories so I can store all
my finished PDFs in the same directory and have all my inter-manual
links work! Shlomo was v. helpful getting my distiller set up right
after Baruch and Richard pointed me in the right direction. No
repetitive fixing all inter-manual links for me today! Yay! Thanks
again, Shlomo and Baruch and everyone. :o) 

Callie Bertsche
Tecplot, Inc. 

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> Callie,
> You wrote:
> >Thanks all!! Excellent advice and works great!
> Thanks to Baruch Brodersen, Richard Combs and Scott Turner!
> (who were faster to answer than I was)
> -- Indeed, with Acrobat 8.1 or later, Distiller has to be 
> started with the -F flag so that it has access to external 
> references (including TimeSavers' 
> files).
> -- After upgrading to Acrobat 8.1 or later, FM's "Save as 
> PDF" with TimeSavers settings requires FrameMaker 8.0p266 or 
> higher (which start Distiller with the -F flag).
> [notice that the -F flag has the opposite meaning of "do not 
> allow file access" in Acrobat versions earlier than 8, so 
> "Save as PDF" with TimeSavers settings won't work with FM8/9 
> and Acrobat 7; printing to PS files and distilling should be 
> used instead. One other version-related
> issue: TS version 5.5 is required with FrameMaker 8 or higher]
> >So now my hypertext link to a separate directory works great as a 
> >relative reference!
> >
> >But the paths are still not getting stripped from my inter-PDF cross 
> >references. (I have Remove Path toggled on in the TimeSavers 
> Settings,
> >too.) I was hoping to have TimeSavers make inter-manual 
> >cross-references work so I don't have to put all my final 
> documents in 
> >one massive folder before I build them. Thoughts, anyone?
> Turning on "Remove Path" under Cross-file links 
> (Links/General tab) will indeed remove the path from links 
> (created through FM cross-references or hypertext markers).
> When inspecting the links in Acrobat, be aware that Acrobat 
> always displays the current file path, which may be misleading.
> For example, if you have two PDFs in the same temp folder, 
> with relative links from a.pdf to b.pdf, the target file will 
> be reported in Acrobat's Link Properties dialog box as: 
> C:\temp\b.pdf (even though the link only points to b.pdf in 
> the current folder) If you get a different result, please 
> send me a sample .ps file and the resulting .pdf as produced 
> on your system (together with Distiller's log file).
> [Note: the "Default path for files referenced in shortcuts" 
> is not related to the Remove Path function; it only applies 
> to command files executed from TimeSavers shortcuts using "distillP"]
> Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any related 
> question or comment.
> [I separately sent you an invitation to join the 
> frame2acrobat discussion/support list].
> Shlomo Perets
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