> What's the standard practice for using the trademark symbol in the
> text?  Don't use it?  Use it just for the first instance of the
> trademark name?  Use it ever time the trademark name is mentioned?

According to the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition:

"8.162 Brand names that are registered trademarks-often so indicated in 
dictionaries-should be capitalized if they must be used. A better choice is 
to substitute a generic term when available. Although the symbols (R) and TM 
often accompany trademark names on product packaging and in promotional 
material, there is no legal requirement to use these symbols, and they 
should be omitted wherever possible. Note also that some companies want 
people to use both the proper and the generic terms in reference to their 
products ("Kleenex facial tissue," not just "Kleenex"), but here again there 
is no legal requirement. "

Mike Wickham

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