Deirdre Reagan asked:

> I'm having a problem with the table on the last page of my file. I
> add 10 more rows, and the rows disapper on the page -- they don't
> force a new page. I've seen this before and I seem to remember it's a
> simple fix, but for the life of me I can't remember what to do!
> I've gone into pagination and changed the setting from "Make Page
> Count Even" to "Make Page Count Odd," but that hasn't done anything.

I can think of three possible causes of this kind of behavior right off 
the top of my head:
1) One or more columns straddled across rows.
2) Keep With Next Row and/or Keep With Previous Row set
    in Table>Row Format
3) A very large value set for Orphan Rows in the Table Designer.

Does the existing last page use the default master page? Or does it
use some special master page? There are probably some circumstances 
where that might also play a role.


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