I fixed it!

I autoconnected the first page to the second page and the table on the
last page miraculously rolled over to a new page.

I don't know why that worked, but I'm glad it did!

Thanks everyone for your help.


On 1/12/09, Stuart Rogers <srogers at phoenix-geophysics.com> wrote:
> Art Campbell wrote:
> > I'd make a guess that you have another text frame on that page,
> > probably one that's not auto-connected to anything.
> >
> > Try poking around with the pointer tool, or maybe do a Select All on
> > the page. Either one would let you select or unselect objects, or move
> > them around so you can see if anything is there but hidden.
> >
> >
> I second Art's diagnosis.  Ctrl-click near the border of the text frame on
> the troublesome page, and then use Alt with an arrow key to move it a small
> distance.  If you see another text frame at the original position, then the
> one you moved was likely created accidentally at some point and is not part
> of your flow.  Cut your table out of it and paste into the "real" text
> frame, then delete the errant frame.
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