I have the same slow cursor speed with FrameMaker 8.0p277 on Windows XP Pro 
and on Vista.

1. If the Paragraph Designer is the only palette open, it takes 8 seconds to
scroll across a 50-character column using the right-arrow key.

2. If the Character Designer is the only palette open, it takes 4 seconds to

3. If any of the other palettes are open alone, it takes only 2-seconds to 
scroll, which is about what I expect.

Opening palettes in combination slows the scroll rate further. There are six 
palettes that I like to have open: the Paragraph Designer,
Character Designer, and Table Designer, and  the Paragraph Catalog,
Character Catalog, and Tool palette. I've discovered that two of these are
causing the issue. Here are some notes:

1. If all six palettes are open, it takes about 13 seconds to scroll across
a 50-character column by holding down the right arrow key. Yikes! Too slow!

2. If I then close the Paragraph Designer, it only takes about 5 seconds to
scroll across the column.

3. If I also close the Character Designer, it drops to around 2 seconds.
That's about as it should be.

4. Closing any or all of the remaining palettes also results in a 2-second
normal scroll rate.

So the slowness problem appears to be linked to having  the Paragraph
Designer and Character Designer palettes. Hopefully, this issue will be 
fixed with FrameMaker 9. Yes, I'm an optimist. :)

Mike Wickham

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I have demo-ed to myself that it is the Para Designer dial box that clobbers
my editing speed. It's repeatable on my machine.
Every computer architecture is different. So I just found a weak spot in my
arch. as compared to some other machine.

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