Acrobat 9 Pro Extended is indeed available a separate product.

Note: I don't know whether it has the PDF workflow capability in it or
not, or how well it integrates with FrameMaker 9 - when purchased
without TCS 2.0 that is.


Clint Owen wrote:

> Does anyone know if the PDF review feature will be available in 
> FM 9 by itself, if you don't buy the whole TC Suite? We use FM, 
> but not the other components of the suite. This feature alone is 
> probably worth the upgrade from FM 7 to 9, but I doubt that the 
> company would want to pay for the other applications that we won't

Fred Ridder wrote:
> I notice that TCS 2.0 includes a version of Acrobat called Acrobat 9.0
> Pro Extended, and I suspect that this is the "special sauce" that
> the new PDF workflow work. So I suspect that the real question is 
> whether that version of Acrobat will be available as a standalone 
> product, as well as whether it hooks into the standalone version of 
> FrameMaker 9.0. 

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