Yves Barbion wrote: 

> You can do one of the following to insert landscape pages:
>    - Choose *Format > Customize Layout > Rotate Page Clockwise* (or
>    Counterclockwise)
>    - Split up your file and put the files in a FrameMaker book. Create
>    separate files for the landscape pages and insert these at the relevant
>    positions in your FrameMaker book. This is a bit more work in the
> beginning,
>    but it's also a safer option for future updates.

The first option can be made much more robust and flexible with a bit more work 
in the beginning, too. 

Instead of just rotating body pages ad hoc as needed, create rotated custom 
master pages (LandscapeLeft and LandscapeRight might be good names). In FM 7.x 
or higher, you could assign these master pages based on specific paragraph 
tags, but IIRC, FM6 didn't have that feature. There are, however, scripts 
and/or plugins that will do it. If this is a one-time thing, it probably isn't 
worth it, but if there is a recurring need, automating this would be a good 

mathieu jacquet wrote: 

> P.S.: you're of a much better disposition than some who can't bear
> questions about already resolved issues...;o)

With some of us, it just depends on our level of caffeination. Too early is not 
good, but too late is risky, too. ;-)

But without intending any criticism of your question, I can help with the 
archive search problem. Don't use the FrameUsers site, use Google. You can 
restrict a Google search to the FrameUsers list by entering a search string 
like this: 

        landscape pages site:lists.frameusers.com 

Try that one, and I think you'll find several of the 76 hits quite relevant.


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