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> > 5. So, what has been suggested on this list, and is an approach I use,
> > to print your Visio file to PDF and import that into FM.
> >
> > Therefore, I would say not to use PNG. Instead use PDF.
> What he said!


> Assuming you have an Adobe PDF printer instance (i.e., you have
> Distiller or the full version of Acrobat) installed on your system, it's
> always avoidable by printing the vector graphic to PDF, which imports
> nicely into FM. WRT Visio, this a much better solution than using its
> less-than-optimal export filters to save as WMF or EPS.
> Richard

Is there a way to reconcile this advice with what Art just posted?

> In 9, using SaveAs to create a PDF with CMYK works, EXCEPT when the FM
> contains embedded PDFs -- in effect, nesting the PDFs.
> So it's partially whacked, but if you don't nest PDFs as imported graphics
in FM, it 
> works.

Hoping for a solution,


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