Hi everyone,

FM8, structured
XML, DocBook 4.2  (I know, I know. Not my idea, but an OEM customer requires
WinXP Pro
160 GB HDD

We're trying to import an XML file into FM8 but FM crashes.  The file
includes 750 topics that are imported into an FM book as mini-chapter files.
They will eventually become topics in RH via TCS.  However, FM crashes at
about 250 files (repeatable).  Restarting FM and/or rebooting the system has
no effect.

We thought at first that there might be a limit on the number of chapters
that can be added to a book. But the Adobe Tech Note at
http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/310/310864.html says no, although there may be a
practical limit that is dependent on RAM and disk space.

        Maximum Number of Files in an Adobe FrameMaker Book
        FrameMaker does not limit the number of files you can place in a 
        Adobe has tested placing several hundred files in a book without
        Though you can create a book of this size, generating or updating the 
        enough memory and disk space to open and save every file.

I searched the net and the Adobe site but could not find any informatrion
related to this problem.  If anyone has any experience with this or knows of
a tech note or other Adobe article that might provide an answer, I would
really appreciate the help.

Thanks lots.

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems
Santa Clara, CA

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