In addition to Stuart's accurate assessment, you're really unlikely to
get SaveAs in FM 7 working with a current version of Acrobat because
the name and location of the PDF printer has changed over the years
since FM 7 shipped. So if you install Acrobat 9 properly, FM 7 has no
way of knowing the new location because it didn't exist when 7

The easiest fix is to install FM 7, install Acrobat 9, and use File >
Print to produce your PDFs.


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On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 10:49 AM, Stuart
Rogers<srogers at> wrote:
> Garnier Garnier wrote:
>> Hello Listers,
>> Wanted to mention that:
>> As suggested by one of the listeres,
>> I removed all Adobe products from my machine including the
>> registries.
>> Installed FM 7.0 with distiller 5.0 Then I attempted to install
>> Acrobat Editor and Reader but failed because Acrobat keeps prompting
>> to remove distiller 5.0. It does not allow me to proceed with the
>> installation. How do I resolve this?
> Garnier,
> Dov Isaacs of Adobe has frequently and adamantly advised that only ONE
> installation of Acrobat OR Reader OR Distiller should ever be put on a
> single PC. ?Here's a quotation from the archives:
> "Although (very unfortunately), it is PHYSICALLY possible to
> have multiple versions of Adobe Acrobat concurrently installed,
> concurrent versions of Adobe Reader concurrently installed, or
> some combination of versions of both Acrobat and Reader installed,
> the truth is that the architecture of these programs and the
> underlying operating system services used by same really only
> fully supports installation of only one version of EITHER Adobe
> Acrobat or Adobe Reader on one system at one time.... [T]here are a
> tremendous number of problems reported to
> Adobe that are suddenly cleared up when the user's systems are
> scraped of all concurrent versions of Acrobat and Reader, replaced
> by a single version of one or another. (Note that by "Acrobat" I
> mean any and all pieces of it including the Distiller, the AdobePDF
> PostScript printer driver instance, and the viewing program!)"
> I suggest that you uninstall everything again, then reinstall Framemaker
> but do NOT allow it to install Distiller. ?Then install Acrobat (I
> assume you mean Acrobat Standard or Pro -- I don't know of a program
> called "Acrobat Editor") and do NOT install Reader.
> HTH,
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