Jeremy and Alan,

Good idea.  We'll try that. I'll let you know what happens.

We tried Scott Prentice' suggestion about splitting the file up.  It works
if we chop it up into sections of 90 topics each.  But that's a lot of
trouble.  If it is actually a bug as Scott and Rick say, then the only way
to get the file into FM is to break it up.  But we have lots more files like
this and manually breaking it up is probably not the most efficient way to
do this.

I'm hoping that Adobe Engineering finds/creates a real solution to the

Best regards,

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>3.  From the drop-down list, select Hitachi-RAID (EN), and then click
>Continue. (This uses a custom XSL file from our tools group)
>4.  An error message "Validation of XML file failed." appears.  We ignore
>the message and click OK to continue processing. The Save Book dialog box

Then I'd say you've isolated it to a validation error
introduced by the custom XSL.  To check that, try using
the DocBook EDD that comes out of the box with Frame,
with no XSL.  Any difference?

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