I use PDF Convertor Pro for PDF->Word conversions ... works reasonably
well, but still needs a lot of cleaning up after the work is done.

Might be easier to use Mif2Go to wrote the RTF for Word, from FrameMaker


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Hi Framers,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with converting PDFs to Word docs. My
department creates our user guides in FrameMaker, but other departments
want to use our text in their materials as well, so they ask me for a
Word version. I have been using Adobe Acrobat to save the PDF as a Word
doc but it really looks awful and puts the text in weird chunks --
useable but not pretty. (Yes, we could use a real content management
system--we've already asked, and the answer has been an emphatic No.)

I started looking for applications that can create a good Word version
of a PDF, but thought I might ask here in case anyone is already using
one that they can highly recommend (something not expensive).


Lea Galanter
Lead Technical Editor and Writer
Attenex, an F T I company 
lgalanter at attenex.com
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