Thanks for all the suggestions. It seems that I got the most responses
about Solid Converter. I really liked Solid Converter, although it
didn't bring over the bullets in bulleted lists. Otherwise, it was heads
and tails over converting PDFs using Adobe products.

I also checked out MIF2go (way too expensive at $295--my company would
never pay for it). 

I looked up Scansoft PDF Converter 6, but I didn't see an offer of a
trial version to test out (perhaps I missed it).

Then I tried ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 and was blown away. It brought
everything in the PDF over beautifully. And the basic product is only
$49.99 (digitally, $59.99 in a box). I'm sold. Now I just have to sell
my manager.

Thanks to Elizabeth Labine, who suggested ABBYY! Here's a link to the
Web site for this product: 

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