Hi Lea,

You do not need to convert to Word via PDF. Either export
directly from FrameMaker (is supposed to be improved in the
last versions) or use Mif2Go ($ 295, http://www.omsys.com).

Best regards


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> Hi Framers,
> I'm hoping someone can help me out with converting PDFs to 
> Word docs. My
> department creates our user guides in FrameMaker, but other 
> departments
> want to use our text in their materials as well, so they ask me for a
> Word version. I have been using Adobe Acrobat to save the PDF 
> as a Word
> doc but it really looks awful and puts the text in weird chunks --
> useable but not pretty. (Yes, we could use a real content management
> system--we've already asked, and the answer has been an emphatic No.)
> I started looking for applications that can create a good Word version
> of a PDF, but thought I might ask here in case anyone is already using
> one that they can highly recommend (something not expensive).
> Thanks!
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