Hi Gillian,

I haven't noticed any real differences in how FM9 imports Word.

The main thing to keep in mind is how rigidly the Word author used Para and
Character Styles.

Normal+ will not come across cleanly...never did and never will!

If the author was a sophisticated Word user, and did not manually tweak
things in Word, then the files should come over quite painlessly.

Regarding training and other assistance:

I believe I'll be hosting an online 2-day Unstructured FM9 training the week
of July 27th. There are currently 4 students in that class, so a great
chance for individualized attention.

I just finished up a 3-day Structured Frame Authoring and a 2-day Tech Comm
Suite Integration for Diane Gaskill's group (21 folks in the Authoring
class, and it still went well!!!)

Your cousin might also benefit from some help in the conversion and in
setting up the initial template. If that's not something you plan on doing
for her, I've helped lots of companies (large & small) with that as well. I
can do it remotely, and bill in as little as 1/4 hour increments.


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A cousin of mine is a complete novice on Frame. She is buying Frame v9.0 and
importing a 300 page Word manual into it. (After editing the 1rst edition of
the manual in Word, she said, never again). I have never seen Frame v9.0, I
still use Frame v8.0.

How does Frame v9.0 map Word Paragraph styles? Does it do a better job than
Frame v8? What does she need to do first to ensure an easy and successful

Any recommendations for some good online training classes for Frame v9.0?

Thank you,

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