At 15:00 -0700 13/7/09, Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:

>Alison is absolutely right.  I couldn't say it better.  Don't even
>consider using Frame's Word or RTF import.  Bring in the content as
>plain text by Copy in Word and Paste Special>Text in Frame.  You
>will be very glad you did.

Picking up on this, Jeremy, does the above still apply if you include 
MIF-washing the results as part of an RTF-based Word import procedure?

Tori makes a good point about the graphics. I have never found an adequate 
method of dealing with this, so I try if at all possible to get content 
originators to work outside of Frame's graphics and keep the originals. 
However, Alan's mail may well be highly significant in this regard.

As always, Word offers innumerable tar-pits for the unwary or naive.


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