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>As a novice Frame user, I am currently doing the same thing (taking a 350 page 
>Word manual and moving to FrameMaker 9).
>As a long time, highly skilled Word user, I know from experience that there is 
>a mountain of invisible crap in the Word doc - so my best advice is to not 
>import the Word document at all!
>Instead, save the Word doc as a text file, open the text file in something 
>like Notepad, then copy in the plain text and completely reformat the Frame 
>doc from scratch. This may be more work in the short term, but you'll create a 
>better template and avoid any hassles that importing Word files could cause 
>down the road.
>Yes, this means you have to deal with everything (graphics, master pages, etc) 
>from scratch. But it also gives you the chance to begin your Frame career with 
>a "best practices for FrameMaker" approach rather than a "I have to live with 
>Word-defined stuff even though I'm now working in Frame" approach. 
>I have no doubt this is taking me longer, but I am more confident about the 


Alison is absolutely right.  I couldn't say it better.  Don't even
consider using Frame's Word or RTF import.  Bring in the content as
plain text by Copy in Word and Paste Special>Text in Frame.  You
will be very glad you did.

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