Hi D...

I assume that you've tried running FM using Fusion on your Mac, and that 
wasn't sufficient? I just started messing with this on a Mac Mini using 
Fusion 2 .. I've got XP and Vista (and Ubuntu) running as 
virtualizations, with FM7.2, 8, and 9 (among other things), and all 
seems good to me. I need to do a lot more testing to be sure, but I'm 
ready to ditch my Windows system entirely, if it all pans out.

Fusion is great .. you can even run the Windows application windows 
along side of Mac apps and copy+paste between them. You can also add the 
Windows apps to the dock and launch them like Mac apps. Seems like the 
ideal situation to me.

Granted .. I've just started messing with this and there may be some 
serious problems that I'm overlooking. I'd love to hear if others have 
gone this direction.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

D L Reynolds wrote:
> Penny wise and pound foolish...
> As a Mac diehard, I resisted buying a Windows machine for a very long  
> time. And then I bought a machine cobbled together by a neighbor, a  
> self-described "computer expert." Bad idea. I have serious  
> intermittent problems creating PDFs from within FrameMaker. About  
> half the time, FM crashes when it hits a particular page. The page in  
> question changes from day to day, sometimes from minute to minute. It  
> isn't FM or the files -- they work fine on other machines. So it must  
> be my "custom" computer. Time to get a real Windows box.
> I'm looking for a desktop machine, not a laptop. Must be able to  
> accommodate two 22" monitors. Can you recommend anything?
> Many thank,
>     --D Reynolds

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