Keep in mind that it is not necessarily obvious that the home-brew
system is at fault. It may simply be a matter of re-installing the OS
and applications if it is not too old a machine. What is the system
motherboard, how much memory does it have, what are the drives, how old
is it, what OS ... those may have specific relevance.

If your Mac is Intel-chip based, have you considered running Windows
under MacOS (using one of the programs on the market for this purpose)?
This may allow you to run FrameMaker and Acrobat in Windows on your Mac

Separately, most of the Dell and Lenova and HP mid- to high-end desktop
systems will work fine for your needs. Their web-site configurators will
provide you the information. The issue to keep in mind is that a good
mid-range graphics cards will be important, particularly one with dual
DVI connectors, and lots of separate graphics memory (i.e., not using
main memory like the graphics chipsets on the motherboards).

If you get an Intel Core 2 Duo (or Core 2 Quad) system, running at
2.6GHz or higher, with 4GB of DDR2 RAM and 7200rpm drives (RAID 0 might
be a bit of overkill but easy enough to do), Windows Vista Business
64-bit, and something like an nVidia 9600GT card or better, you will
have *more* than enough power to run FrameMaker with excellent
performance. This should cost under $1000 or so ... depending on the
other options you want on it.

If you want more performance than pick one of the Intel i7 systems, (the
920 or 940 based).


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Penny wise and pound foolish...

As a Mac diehard, I resisted buying a Windows machine for a very long  
time. And then I bought a machine cobbled together by a neighbor, a  
self-described "computer expert." Bad idea. I have serious  
intermittent problems creating PDFs from within FrameMaker. About  
half the time, FM crashes when it hits a particular page. The page in  
question changes from day to day, sometimes from minute to minute. It  
isn't FM or the files -- they work fine on other machines. So it must  
be my "custom" computer. Time to get a real Windows box.

I'm looking for a desktop machine, not a laptop. Must be able to  
accommodate two 22" monitors. Can you recommend anything?

Many thank,

    --D Reynolds


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