I am running TCS in VMWare Fusion on a 2.8 GHz Mac. It works great.   
Rock solid. Crashes less than most pure Windows machines I've used. In  
fact, I don't think Windows has ever crashed. Frame has a few times,  
but the patches fixed that.

You can try most of this before making a commitment. You can download  
a 30-day trial of Fusion and obtain a 30-day trial of TCS (DVD). You  
do have to buy a Windows XP license. I just bought one at Fry's. The  
process to create a VM and load Windows is pretty simple.

I work on-site at my client's. I bring in my laptop, hook up to the  
client's network. It was a bit of a hassle configuring printers, but  
other than that I haven't had any problems.  I connect to shared  
drives, point my Mac Mail client at their Exchange server. I don't  
have great calendaring ability, but I don't want to buy Office for  
Windows, and I don't want to mess with Entourage.


On Jul 14, 2009, at 9:54 AM, D L Reynolds wrote:

> First of all, you folks are the best. Within minutes of posting, I
> was getting helpful responses.
> Some of you have suggested I run Windows on my beloved Mac. I've been
> hesitant to do that, fearful that it might be buggy or cranky in some
> way. From what I'm hearing, that isn't the case. So, one last
> question --
> Are any of you running the Adobe Technical Communications Suite on a
> Mac > VMWare Fusion > Windows XP? I'd love to go this route if it's
> reliable. And if I get reports that TCS is stable in this
> environment, the Windows box is heading for the dumpster. (For the
> record, I'm still running FM8 and will be for the foreseeable future.)
> Again, most sincere thanks to all of you. You are amazing!
>    --Donna Reynolds
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