Does anyone know how I stop this warning from appearing when I'm
printing a FrameMaker manual?

"Font information for your system has changed. This change may affect
the format and output of your document(s)"

I usually just click OK and carry on, but now we're trying to print as
part of an automated workflow process, and there's no one there to click
OK. In fact, you don't even see FrameMaker open on the screen.

I tried opening Print Setup for the book and selecting my default
printer. I've also tried selecting Adobe PDF as the printer.

I'm using FrameMaker 7.2 on an XP machine, and I'm actually creating a
PDF using the FDK, then converting the book to HTML files using Mif2Go.
It's creating the PDF just fine, then failing during the HTML
conversion. Nothing is wrong with the Mif2Go configuration; the same
files work just fine interactively.

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