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>Before I go installing the SetPrint utility, I have a couple of
>- Can I imitate this utility by going to File > Print Setup and 
>choosing Adobe PDF as the printer? 

If you are there to make the change, you can.  But a build
system can't.  And personally, I find it way easier to leave
the Frame printer set to Adobe PDF, regardless of the system
default printer setting.

>Is this saved for FrameMaker in general, or for the book that 
>I have open?

Frame in general.

>- If I install SetPrint, does it mean that when I want to print 
>a few pages for a quick discussion, I have to generate a PDF 
>and print from that? 

No, in that case you just select the local printer you want
first, though you may get better results in some cases by
going through PDF.  The time difference is small; try it
both ways, and see what you prefer.

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