Hi Mathieu:

I'm using FM 7.2 on XP, too, and I'm turning FM books into Eclipse User 
Assistance. I can't think of anything special about writing in FrameMaker to 
create Eclipse help files, but I can think of some things I did in FrameMaker 
because I'm using Mif2Go to convert the books.

By the way, are you using structured or unstructured FM? Not that it matters 
much; I'm just curious.

I wanted to split my chapters into smaller files because it's pretty rotton to 
have to scroll through a long file in Eclipse UA, so I used a Mif2Go-defined 
marker in FM to provide file names wherever I split the file. Otherwise, Mif2Go 
generates a file name based on the paragraph ID, and that changes a lot.

I've also used markers to specify graphics that I want replaced with specific 
files, not the automatically converted JPEGs.

And if you're indexing, and if you have any "see" or "see also" references, 
you'll need a plugin from Sundorne called IndexRef. When the index file is 
converted to an Eclipse keyword index, any "see" or "see also" references will 
link to the place where you created them in the FM chapters. What you'd really 
like them to do is link to the term to which they refer in the index, but 
Eclipse isn't up to doing that yet. The next best thing is to not make them 
link anywhere.

So, how are you turning your FM books into Eclipse UA?

Fei Min Lorente

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Hi all,

I'm using FM 7.2 on XP.

Just one question about FrameMaker and Eclipse help compatibility: Is there a 
specific way to develop the doc in FM when we intend to use the content with 
the Eclipse help afterwards? 

Any help appreciated,


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