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>The reason the file names kept changing on me is because I have some
>chapters that are generated from the source code, tagged with XML, then
>imported into FrameMaker. I really wouldn't expect Mif2Go to remember
>what the last batch of sections were named when they are all effectively

Um, no, that's one of the cases where the IDs change.  We
actually depend on *Frame* to remember them, as the Unique
tags you see throughout the MIF, which contain the ObjectIDs.
When you recreate a document, Frame uses fresh ones, though
if the same doc is recreated from the same template doc,
they may very well turn out to be the same.

>Hence, the filename markers saved me, especially since we
>store all this in a file control system and I was filling it up with
>duplicate content (same stuff, different file name). And since the
>markers are generated, too, we've worked out a system so they don't

Good!  That last step is critical.  If you are generating
the filename markers, you can indeed prevent duplicates.
The problem is when people create the names themselves; it
just isn't possible to remember all the ones you have used
already without any errors.  It takes a computer to do that.  ;-)

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