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>I wanted to split my chapters into smaller files because 
>it's pretty rotton to have to scroll through a long file 
>in Eclipse UA, so I used a Mif2Go-defined marker in FM to 
>provide file names wherever I split the file. Otherwise, 
>Mif2Go generates a file name based on the paragraph ID, 
>and that changes a lot.

One correction:  The generated file name does **not** 
change, ever, unless you delete the starting heading
of the section, then recreate a new one.  Or *copy* and 
paste it to a different location; if you *cut* and paste, 
it stays the same.  It does not change if you edit the 
heading, or when you make any other changes anywhere in 
the file.  That's a promise.

Why does this matter?  Because, as we say in the docs,
using a marker to create a fixed name is very, very
dangerous.  You *will*, at some point, use the same
name twice, and you won't know you did.  The result
will be the second file overwriting the first.  It
is very hard to figure out what went wrong when that 
happens, and there's nothing we can do to prevent it,
or even tell you when, not if, it happens.

Why do we still support the FileName markers?  Well, 
for a while, we didn't.  We removed the feature.  But 
there is one case where it really is needed, when an 
external system requires a specific filename.  So we 
put the FileName markers back... with warnings.  ;-)

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